8 best gold running shoes

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The color of winners

A unique and exquisite color, gold is considered to be the most likely symbolism of elegance. As a visual representation, gold could mean abundance, triumph, or accomplishment. Gold is usually the color for winners and first-placers. Aside from victory and success, gold is also connected with wealth, luxury, and material riches. All these descriptions make it clear that gold is significant; therefore, gold-colored objects convey importance, brilliance, and honor.

In literature, highly-esteemed individuals are usually portrayed as wearing gold from head to toe. Who says it cannot be the case in real life? Though not as extravagant as fiction, gold running shoes can also exude power and achievement. If you wear a pair, your gold running shoes could give you a feeling of confidence that could positively affect your runs.

A gold running shoe seems outrageous

best gold running shoes
Best gold running shoes - November 2019

Some runners might get the idea that a gold running shoe is something that looks tacky or garish, while some might feel overdressed with the color gold. With the right color pairing, it would not be the case. Some consumers might be hesitant or intimidated to purchase a running shoe with a gold color because they think it is a challenge to pair it with other colors. But with gold running shoes, all it takes is the right color pair to make them stand out among your running gear, then completing the rest of your workout wardrobe would be easy.

Everyone is aware that neutral colors such as black, white, and gray are sure to go well with any color, including gold. Thus, here are some other recommended gold color pairs as showcased by a few examples of running shoes.

  • Red and gold. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 in Men’s Black/Gold/Red colorway displays the color pair as gold accents on the upper and an overall red outsole. With such a finish, the shoe gives off a warm elegance. Meanwhile, the Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 in Red/Black/Gold presents a stylish and majestic appearance with its upper material detailed with deep red in the tongue, collar, and the outsole, while gold can be found in the overlays and the midsole.
  • Purple and gold. Like the red-and-gold combination, this color pair also exudes a high image, but in a cool A good example would be the Salomon Sense ProPulse in Women’s Cosmic Purple/Azalee Pink/Corona Yellow, which presents a regal appearance that is not too striking to the eye.
  • Pink and gold. As a color associated with femininity, the pink-and-gold combination is usually available in women’s running shoes. An example of this is the Salomon Sonic Aero in Women’s Madder Pink/Lotus Pink/Yellow Gold colorway. With pink as the dominant color, this running shoe is unmistakably pretty and womanly, while the gold collar and outsole provide an elegant touch. The New Balance 990 v4 in Women’s Sunrise/Rose Gold, on the other hand, takes a unique path by combining pink and gold to produce a new color that equally shows both shades’ beauty.
  • Navy blue and gold. The Brooks Beast 16 in Men’s Peacoat Navy/China Blue/Gold is a fantastic gold running shoe because even though blue is the dominant color, it makes the gold stand out even more. Then, there’s the Asics Gel Kayano 24 in Men’s Ink Blue/Black/Safety Yellow colorway, all of which are bold and beautiful colors, and thus complimenting one another.
  • Turquoise and gold. An unexpected yet compatible color combination, these two shades provide a fun and lively vibe to your run, like how the Newton BoCo Sol in Men’s Turquoise/Gold does. The On Cloud in Blues/Yellow colorway also displays this combination with a subtler appearance that’s not too much of an eyesore.

Gold running shoes for men

  • Asics GT 1000 6 – The GT 1000 6 is a daily runner that caters to overpronators. Most wearers have found this shoe to be comfortable, lightweight, and efficient in providing arch support. The Black/Silver/Gold Fusion colorway of the men’s version makes this a subtle gold running shoe as it shows the color only in the outsole and in the details on the tongue.
  • Brooks Addiction 13 – This motion control running shoe is available in men’s Black/Ebony/Metallic Gold colorway, which only proves how versatile gold is, as it can be paired with virtually any color, from as loud as turquoise to the most neutral black. The Addiction 13 is sure to deliver comfort to any of its wearers with the various width profiles it offers.
  • Asics Metarun – Another stability shoe from Asics, the Metarun features unique technologies that aim for superior quality, which was evident as most users have enjoyed wearing the shoe. The Black/Onyx/Gold colorway is another proof of how gold in running shoes stands out even if it is just in the most minute detail.
  • New Balance 610 v5 – The 610 v5 in the men’s Pigment/Marine Blue/Impulse/Metallic Silver colorway displays an equal blend of bright gold and muted navy blue. This trail running shoe has impressed users with its accurate fit and efficient performance.
  • La Sportiva Akasha – This trail running shoe handles the toughest terrains effortlessly, as expressed by the majority of its wearers. The shoe is available in the Black/Yellow colorway, which beautifully presents gold with a gradient effect in the form of speckles.

Gold running shoes for women

  • Puma Ignite Dual Gold – As the name implies, the Ignite Dual Gold from Puma will cater to ladies who want a touch of shimmer in their running gear, as the gold heel cup and glittered outsole are difficult to overlook. This road running shoe not only excels in style but also in performance, as attested by runners who praised the midsole’s responsiveness and the upper’s fit and comfort.
  • Adidas Pureboost Xpose – This road runner for neutral pronators is available in the Trace Blue/Tactile Gold Metallic/Legend Ink colorway, thus making it a blue-and-gold running shoe. Wearers were quick to compliment the Pureboost Xpose’s precise fit, minimal weight, comfortable ride, and even its affordable price; thus, making it a winning shoe on the overall.
  • Saucony Kinvara 8 – A neutral road running shoe, the Kinvara 8 continues to be a well-loved shoe by brand loyalists. The Orange/Yellow/Blue colorway is a striking combination that makes it easy for the eye to see that it is indeed a gold running shoe. Aside from this excellent color, users have admired the shoe’s structure and performance.
  • Nike Flex Experience RN 6 – The Flex Experience RN 6 might not be as raved about as other Nike running shoes, but do not let that fool you. This running shoe has received numerous positive feedback about its construction and fit. It is available in various colorways, including the Premium Black/Metallic Gold/Anthracite, which emphasizes gold in the right places – the tongue, the logo, and the overlays.
  • Saucony Freedom ISO – This low-drop shoe from Salomon is popular with runners because of its many features that have proven their effectiveness. Athletes who want a shoe for tempo workouts and long-distance runs should consider the Freedom ISO. It is available in the Red/Gold colorway for women, which displays gold in the tongue, logo, and even in the midsole’s top line, thus making for a very regal-looking running shoe.

How to care for gold running shoes

Because of the uniqueness of gold running shoes, some might think it would be a chore to maintain its appearance or clean the shoe. However, the upkeep of gold running shoes is not as hard as it seems! If you know the basics of caring for any other running shoe, it should be effortless.

A dirty running shoe is a well-loved running shoe. Thus, if there is a need to clean your runners, then that means they are being used to the fullest. Here are some tips for you on cleaning and caring for gold running shoes:

  1. Remember that cleaning does not always mean washing. Washing your gold running shoes too often might lead to the pair breaking down sooner than expected. A thorough washing should be done only once every one or two months. Another thing to watch out for is the washing machine. Before using one, take note of the material of your gold running shoe. Not all running shoes are from the same fabric, and there are some that would not be able to withstand the pressure from a washing machine cycle.
  2. Remember that less is more. You don’t need to give your gold running shoes a complete shower treatment every time. Especially with minimal stains and slight dirt, a damp cloth or a light bristle brush should suffice with cleaning your shoes. Likewise, gentle cleansers are preferred over solutions loaded with toxic chemicals that could potentially damage the shoe instead of clean them.
  3. Remember that direct heat should be avoided. Some gold running shoes are made of a unique fabric that gives their exceptional appearance. In most cases, this inimitable material should be kept away from direct heat, such as under the sun, the dryer, or the fireplace. Air drying is the most recommended method for your running shoes, and if you wish to speed up the process, put crumpled newspaper or paper towels inside to soak up the excess water.
  4. Remember to clean the entire shoe. Often, we forget to tend to the rest of the shoe as we are focused on cleaning the upper. Pay attention to the other areas of the shoe that are also imperative to be kept clean, such as the insole and the spaces in between the outsole patterns.

Frequently asked questions

Are gold running shoes expensive?

The mere mention of gold running shoes would be enough to give a consumer the idea that it is a premium item, thus expensive. However, this is not at all the case, as gold running shoes would still have the same construction and features as the other colorways of the model. The color of a running shoe is not the sole basis for its price; thus, a consumer should not worry about paying more if they want to purchase a gold running shoe.

Can I wear my gold running shoes as sneakers?

Yes and no. Although nothing is preventing you from wearing your gold running shoes as casual footwear, it is not recommended to do so. Wearing the shoes for other than its intended purpose might wear them out unnecessarily, thus shortening its lifespan. On the other hand, some running shoes are designed for comfort and will be able to handle the impact from prolonged usages, such as all-day wear for walking and errands.

Will my gold running shoes make me visible at night?

While we have the notion that metallic colors such as gold and silver are automatically shiny, such is not the case in actual. The gold color is inspired by the gold element, and it has reproduced numerous shades, not all of which are glossy or sparkly.

A gold running shoe does not necessarily mean it is reflectorized; please do not attempt to run at night without the proper equipment as it may be potentially dangerous for you and others. Before using your gold running shoes at night, check first to see if it has reflectors or other similar features that would enable you to run in low-light conditions. Always prioritize safety in any activity you would undertake.

Final note

If you are looking to add a bit of flair or elegance to your running gear, you might want to look into getting a pair of gold running shoes. It comes as no surprise that gold represents wealth, success, and sophistication, and having this color on your running shoe will likely deliver the same vibe.

For those who are unfamiliar, the idea of owning or wearing a gold running shoe might be daunting. Instead of purchasing a full-blown, all-over gold running shoe, first consider getting a pair that exhibits gold combined with other colors. There are diverse options in the market for running shoes that pair gold with suitable color options.

While gold running shoes are unique in their own way, maintaining and cleaning them should not be a challenge. In a sense, gold running shoes should be taken care of in the same way you would other running shoes. But, just as well, guidelines are available to help you care for your gold running shoes and ensure they last their expected lifespan.

Though they look premium and undoubtedly exceptional, gold running shoes accomplish the same as their other color counterparts. There might be misconceptions about the price and usage of gold running shoes, but keep in mind that the color will not affect the performance.

9 best gold running shoes

  1. Nike Zoom Fly SP
  2. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35
  3. Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond
  4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36
  5. Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2
  6. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2
  7. Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner
  8. Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2018
  9. Puma Ignite Limitless SR evoKNIT
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