58 best Jordan sneakers

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  1. Any color
    Jordan Spizike - Black/Gym Red-anthracite
    Jordan Spizike - Bianco
    Jordan Spizike - Red
    Jordan Spizike - Blue
    €220 €130 Save 41%
  2. Any color
    Jordan 6 Rings - Gris
    Jordan 6 Rings - Yellow
    Jordan 6 Rings - White/Black/Grey Fog
    Jordan 6 Rings - Black
    Jordan 6 Rings - Red
    €210 €69 Save 67%
  3. Any color
    Air Jordan Future - Grey (Phantom/Phantom/Sail/White 002)
    Air Jordan Future - Grey
    Air Jordan Future - Grey
    Air Jordan Future - Olive Canvas 305
    Air Jordan Future - Black Gym Red White 006
    €190 €66 Save 65%
  4. Any color
    Jordan Reveal - White (White 834064-005)
    Jordan Reveal - Rojo (Gym Red / White-black-infrrd 23)
    Jordan Reveal - Black
    Jordan Reveal - Grey
    Jordan Reveal - Red
    €170 €116 Save 32%
  5. Any color
    €140 €76 Save 46%
  6. Any color
    €160 €101 Save 37%
  7. Any color
    €140 €48 Save 66%
  8. Any color
    €140 €60 Save 57%
  9. Any color
    €230 €118 Save 49%
  10. €150 €81 Save 46%
  11. Any color
    €170 €52 Save 69%
  12. Any color
    €140 €78 Save 44%
  13. Any color
    €180 €90 Save 50%
  14. €130 €96 Save 26%
  15. Any color
    €140 €106 Save 24%
  16. Any color
    €190 €130 Save 32%
  17. Any color
    €200 €117 Save 42%
  18. Any color
    €150 €98 Save 35%
  19. €200 €96 Save 52%
  20. No offers available

  21. Any color
    €190 €150 Save 21%
  22. Any color
    €140 €68 Save 51%
  23. Any color
    €190 €149 Save 22%
  24. €150 €129 Save 14%
  25. No offers available

  26. No offers available

  27. Any color
    €150 €66 Save 56%
  28. Any color
    €150 €75 Save 50%
With a cockpit view of its unclear future ahead, the Jordan brand started to inject its unique grace in lifestyle footwear from the humble beginnings of the Airness himself. Micheal, or MJ as sneakerheads and ballers usually coin him, intertwined his passion for the hardwood sport and footwear which in time developed its own shoe epidemic. Branching away from its parent company Nike, the Jordan Brand nowadays has its standalone title when it comes to luxurious and bystander-envious kicks.
Spontaneous releases of the coveted Air Jordan line prove to sweeten across decades as the past, present, and future generations salivate in its aesthetics and prestige. But from its bits and pieces of iconic accents, comes another lifestyle-specific franchise which promotes the daily need to feel suave and stylish. Let us explore the realm of the Jordan sneaker collection and how it enlists itself as an eligible everyday shoe.

Cuts of Jordan Lifestyle Shoes

Best Jordan Sneakers
Best Jordan Sneakers - May 2019

A running notion of highly-supportive Jordan sneakers is that it comes with a higher collar height. But to look further on the technical details of each Jordan sneaker, one might find out that these cuts vary from one Jordan sneaker to the other even if they are of the same shoe title. The fair question for this will be: how are Jordan sneakers cut in general?

High Top Jordan Sneakers

It was most fortunate for Nike to have obtained the first sneaker on a high top form, mainly, Converse. It was the first footwear to utilize a high cut ankle and combine it into a low profile shoe. In similar bearing silhouettes, several Jordan sneakers also possess the same structure.
  • Inspired by Air Jordan basketball shoes, Jordan sneakers mostly have collars cut above the ankle initially for support and protection.
  • Although these Jordan sneakers are high top in form, most of them possess details that focus more on the lifestyle aspect.
  • Some examples of high top Jordan sneakers are the Jordan Son of Mars, Jordan Reveal, Jordan Horizon and many others.

Mid Top Jordan Sneakers

From the Air Force 1's to the AJ 1's, Nike shoes have been bearing the mid-top silhouette for decades. Being torn between the advantages of the neighboring cuts of the low and high, the mid-top showcases its own style and performance.
  • The mid-cut provides ample collar support in a way that it still administers versatility of movement.
  • Most of the Jordan sneakers utilize this structure for design and style.
  • Some of the Jordan sneakers with a mid-top are Jordan Galaxy, Jordan Future, Jordan 6 Rings and many more.

Low Top Jordan Sneakers

The number of Jordan sneakers exhibiting a low top cut lists close to that of the high tops. As these collars stay close to the ground, their distinction as lifestyle wear is more emphasized.
  • Low top Jordan sneakers have collar heights that lie under the ankle to increase maneuverability.
  • These Jordan sneakers are mostly lightweight, bearing fewer materials than high tops or mids.
  • Examples of low top Jordan sneakers are Jordan Fly 89Jordan Eclipse, Jordan Horizon Low and some others.

The Inspiration

It is common knowledge for most sneakerheads to know any bit and patch of classic Jordan sneakers starting from the Air Jordan 1. But before the Jordans dominated the closets of sneaker collectors, it was one of the supreme basketball shoes in the market. With Michael's prowess never fading on each successive year, more and more sneaker fanatics became attracted to join the fad.


As the number of Jordan-starved sneaker nuts increase so did the iterations and models. The pristine aesthetics of Jordan sneakers were so hard to disregard that ballers leave them on outside the court. Styling Jordan sneakers with casual wear soon developed its own pantheon. As time passed, the sneaker brand naturally evolved its own line of lifestyle footwear which takes hints from iconic kicks on the Air Jordan franchise.


Taking a massive step across categories is a bold move for a Jordan sneaker considering its name is hailed as a basketball legend. But as the needs of consumers diversify, the Jordan brand had to adapt to the growing opportunity. They soon included running silhouettes like the Jordan Trunner LX OG and the Jordan Grind to their line up which has a multi-purpose vibe to it.


Basketball kicks have the fortunate structure of being supportive and stable which entirely takes care of the feet during the heavy beating of swift court play. The brand capitalized on this trait and created shoes fit for training and workout sessions. One of these is the Breakout from Air Jordan which is seen with a supportive strap stretching across the vamp.

The Fit

The next step in selecting the perfect Jordan sneaker is to identify the right kind of fit. It is already given that they come from a basketball background and shoes in this category are most likely to be adequately padded on the collar or heel. Though some go the extra mile to include more lifestyle-bound comfort, most of these Jordan sneakers' structures are built the same.
Depending on the materials utilized and the overall shape, Jordan sneakers vary from running small or large and narrow or wide. Those with wide feet should think twice when buying the Eclipse, Dub Zero, and True Flight. According to some reviewers, these sneakers and the variations under them run snug for users with wide foot conformity. The Jordan Spizike can also be considered to run narrow for normal-sized feet on some occasions.
The walls of Jordan sneakers on the lifestyle branch has a thickness lying between those of the most supportive basketball shoes and those with a textile material. In rare cases, the entrances of some shoes like the Jordan Fly 89 and the Jordan Eclipse Chukka are tight and hard to put on. But in a nutshell, Jordan sneakers run true to size for standard sized feet.
Jordan sneakers are produced in men's sizes, and its expansive appeal even caters to women in the form of girl's sizing. Sizes for men range from 7 to 13 while the girl's sizes are available from 3.5 to 7. Jordan also standardized their fit under the shared information that women can go 1 1/2 sizes down from men's sizes. These J's usually come in medium width.

The price of Jordan shoes

Compared to the extravagant costs of Air Jordan shoes, Jordan sneakers are relatively cheaper and more affordable. From $40 kid's shoes to well-designed $180 kicks, Jordan sneakers are adequately priced according to the use of materials and technology.
As the sneaker's structure complexity increase, so does its price.
Minimalist models like the Jordan Fly 89 and Eclipse reveal a price no more than $110 which can even experience discounts up to 50% on the official Jordan site. Jordan sneakers under this price range usually exhibit a lightweight form like the Jordan First Class which rightfully parallels its cost.
On the other hand, heavier iterations like the Spizike and Jordan 6 Rings is valued in between the range of $150 to $180 due to a handful of elements borrowed from prestigious Air Jordan models. Other Jordan sneakers with high cuts like the Jordan Generation have prices that mimic those of the J's for basketball.

Notable Jordan Casual Sneakers

Taking a break off-court is the primary premise of Jordan sneakers to provide a way for the feet to relax and relapse. The Jordan brand built its pillars of leisure around this concept and continued to innovate their coveted casual franchise. Below are some of the Jordan sneakers found on the market which ambitiously shares a portion of Jordan sales.
  1. Jordan 6 Rings. One championship title was not enough for the legendary MJ as he shattered records in average points per game and won six of these rings with his spectacular performance. Giving honor to his timeless contribution to the world of basketball, the Jordan 6 Rings fuses several elements from winning models into a hybrid shoe that is set to strut the streets with jaw-dropping style.
  • The Jordan 6 Rings borrows hints from championship Air Jordan shoes that include the VI, VII, VIII, XI, XII, XIII, and XIV.
  • The Jordan VI inspired its lace locks and heel loops. The sneaker utilized the sock-like construction of the VII which are also found on Huaraches.
  • The fuzzy tongue logo, Velcro strap-on, and the Phylon midsole were pulled out from the Air Jordan VIII while the style and the shiny Patent leather was inspired by the XI's.
  • The TWO3 lettering stitched across the tongue is copied from the Jordan XII's and the overall design of the outsole, and the midsole is from the XIII's. The Jordan logo on the bottom of the laces is from the XIV's.
  • First introduced in 2008, the sneaker was continuously revamped into numerous colorways up to the present.
  1. Air Jordan Future. With the massive success of the 11's, may it be male or female alike, subsequent retakes of its silhouette surfaced. The Future was one of those that can be attributed as a pioneer for this reinvention.
  • First introduced in 2014, the Future revamps one of the probable Jordan sneaker favorites on the Air line: the AJ XI. 
  • Jordan stripped the original upper of the 11's and assembled the Future with a one-piece woven patterned material. This change-up triggered AJ loyalists, but many highly appreciated the lifestyle feel of it.
  • 3M hints are threaded into the upper to give dimension to its minimalistic appeal. One of the original colorways even features a glow in the dark sole.
  • The lacing system is off-centered to project a contemporary vibe.
  • It even retained the carbon fiber shank and front and heel Zoom Air technology of the 11's.
  • This Jordan sneaker also comes in a low top form, accentuating freedom of movement.
  1. Jordan Horizon. Debuting in 2015 overseas, the Jordan Horizon revisits the silhouette of the XIII in a simpler approach. The "avant-garde" Jordan sneaker is one of the models that is a revamp of previous models following the pattern of the Jordan Future.
  • Covered by a woven mesh upper, the Horizon cleared the overlays of the 13's and went down to basics into a one-piece material.
  • The sneaker retained the paw-like structure (or tooling) of the 13's sole adding diversity to its simple image.
  • It also comes in a low top which is released a few months after its introduction.
  • A collaboration with NBA features the Jordan Horizon PRM "All Star" which comes in a black sole and underlay with a multicolored pattern on the upper.
  1. Jordan Eclipse. By looking at the coveted Air Jordan line, one might think that a clean Jordan sneaker like the Eclipse wouldn't belong. But don't be fooled by its minimalist style as it still possesses elements from previous iconic models.
  • The best takeaway of the Eclipse is its comfortable bootie construction inspired from the Huaraches
  • Although not very noticeable, the midsole construction of the Eclipse is hailed from the Jordan III's.
  • From its laces and its seamless upper, the Eclipse projects an image similar to that of the Roshe Runs. Some were infuriated by this revamp as it provides the same features of the Roshe but with an unacceptable price.
  • The neoprene tongue comes from the AJ VI and VII.
  • This Jordan sneaker was one of the most blessed to have numerous colorways. Its easy-on-the-eyes structure and mesh upper allowed itself to be drenched in white-on-whites or other color combinations.
  • The Eclipse is also released in a mid-top form namely the Jordan Eclipse Chukka. 
  1. Air Jordan Dub Zero. The continued fame of the Air Jordan line did not hinder the brand to venture in different styles of athleisure wear. The Jordan Dub Zero was the first of its kind, combining various elements from past classics that stretch from the IV's to the more recent AJ 20. 
  • The Dub Zero's were simultaneously released alongside the Air Jordan 20's in 2005 giving tribute to the prolific Air Jordan designer, Tinker Hatfield.
  • Its original release features seven colorways including the Ceramic white and Midnight blue/ gray.
A breakdown of its parts is found below:
  1. The sole comes from the Air Jordan IV. 
  2. The same pull tab on the AJ VI is used in this Jordan sneaker.
  3. It shares the patent leather found on the AJ XI's.
  4. The TWO3 branding across the tongue is borrowed from the XII's.
  5. The shape of the upper is from the XIII's.
  6. The woven part on the heel is from the AJ XV's.
  7. The famous laser print comes from the AJ XX.
  • In 2009, the Dub Zero was re-introduced to the public with a subtle variation: the laser printed logos were replaced with embroidered ones.
  • The Jordan Dub Zero was re-released in different colorways in 2015 celebrating the 30 years of the Air Jordan franchise.
  • Due to its massive fame, the Dub Zero was widely produced in imitations including the Sponge Bob colorway that is now known to be fake.
  1. Jordan Spizike. The relationship between Micheal Jordan and Spike Lee goes a long way from their humorous commercials that were first seen with the AJ III's. To commemorate this lucrative partnership, Jordan Brand fused different accents from famous Mars Blackmon shoes (Spike Lee's character in She's Gotta Have It) with details from the 2005 AJ model.
  • The Spizike incorporates parts from six Jordan sneakers which are the III, IV, V, VI, XI, and XX.
  • The elephant print and sole were from the III's while the stand out lace wings comes from the IV. Its shape and eyelets were originally from the V as supported by the lace lock and neoprene tongue of the VI. The heel tab hails from the IX's while the graphic laser print interior is borrowed from the XX.
  • When it was initially released, the public was somehow insulted with the shoe explaining that fusing the classics and pricing it as $175 a pop was disrespectful. As this Jordan sneaker aged, it became well received by fans and sneakerheads for its late-blooming masterpiece of design.
  • It was visioned only to be a one-time deal, releasing only 4,032 pairs in 2006. But as the Jordan sneaker hit the streets, people gradually started to love them. It is now one of the best Jordan hybrids found on the market.
  1. Jordan Son of Mars. From the footsteps of the Spizikes follows another baby that would soon thrive the same path as its father--the Jordan Son of Mars. From its branding, it is evident that the prized Jordan sneaker doesn't fall far from Spike Lee's tree given that it is also built with accents from Mars Blackmon models.
  • The Jordan Son of Mars was originally released in 2012 which also combines attributes from different models including AJ III, IV, V, VI, and XX.
  • Elephant prints and the heel and forefoot Air units from the III's were mimicked in this Jordan sneaker, and the netting at the bottom of the laces are inspired by the IV's.
  • The see-through lace locks, textured Jumpman logo, the sole with ice rubber, and the spikes on the midsole all come from the Jordan V. Key elements from the VI include the pull loop on the back, the ankle construction, and the perforations on the side.
  • The midfoot strap with a graphic print is inspired by the Jordan XX.
  • This model comes in a low top form ergo the Jordan Son of Mars Low. 
  1. Jordan Trunner LX OG. The first of its kind, the Jordan Trunner LX was created to cater the feet of runners and physically fit individuals. Its multipurpose attribute was not only the selling point of the classic Jordan sneaker but also its refreshing casual look. 
  • The Trunner is a portmanteau (contraction of some sort) of training and running.
  • Its hints of technology are borrowed from several Air Jordan shoes like the Phylon midsole and font branding which comes from the AJ XIII. The woven upper was taken from the Air Jordan XV.
  • The innovative Jordan sneaker is laceless and features straps on the heel and on the vamp to secure the foot.
  • It initially consists of a metal clip on the heel to keep the shape of the entrance but was recalled and replaced it with plastic because the metal add-on would tend to bust and dig-in to the Achilles.
  • The heel contains an Air sole unit, and the ball has a Zoom Air unit for cushioning.
  1. Jordan Reveal. Jordan sneakers are full of past-inspired silhouettes. The Reveal was one of the recent ones that deviate from the trend.
  • It was first introduced in 2016 premiering in white, grey, black, red, and teal colorways.
  • An encapsulated Air-sole technology on its heel provides the cushion and rebound for every stride. Its lightweight figure is also accentuated by its mesh uppers which are a plus for maximum breathability.
  • A premium edition was released which was first seen commercially on the feet of Jimmy Butler when he was still in Chicago.

Jordan Technologies

There is an ultimate reason why Jordan sneakers are priced the way they are. A lot of haters might strongly disagree with it. Jordan Brand stands nonchalantly about this knowing they have a coveted brand with a rich heritage of technological spontaneity for decades. If you are included in the subset of unimpressed consumers, then prepare to be impressed with the information below.


Nike became an aggressive risk-taker within its inaugural decade by introducing technological breakthroughs like the Cortez' waffle sole and similar improvements alike. But as they move closer to the footwear horizon, the global shoemaker will always look back on the technology that put them on the map.
  • The Air sole, before it became visible on Air Max models and the AJ III, was first assembled inside a Nike running shoe called the Tailwind in 1978.
  • It was Nike's major selling point at the time and was most likely to end up in most of their shoes including the Air Jordan brand. In 1984, they introduced the Air Jordan I with a concealed Air sole unit on the heel.
  • The Air sole technology consists of an inert gas encapsulated by a polyurethane (a durable compound) bag. The apparatus compresses to reduce the force of impact then reverts immediately to address the next applied force.
  • The hollow tech is utilized in various forms. It can be seen visibly on the heel on models like the Air Jordan SC-3, Flight Club 91, and some others.
  • While some have visible air, a number of these Jordan sneakers also possess the Air-sole unit encapsulated by a foam compound. These iterations include the Jordan Heritage, Jordan Trunner LX, and many more. Others maximize it in full length as featured on the Jordan True Flight

Zoom Air Technology

Knowing the Air-sole has untapped potential, experimenting with it kept Nike and the Jordan Brand awake at night. Almost two decades came before the company discovered that they could fixate fiber columns inside these air bags to add a more responsive feel.
  • Initially known as "Tensile Air," it was first incorporated in the Nike shoe called Air Go LWP in 1995. From its basketball roots, the Zoom Air is now being injected in a myriad of Nike and Jordan sneakers from running to tennis and even skateboarding.
  • It involves strong tensile fiber columns aligned in a thin plastic airbag. The synthetic strands allowed the air medium to be closer to the ground, reinforcing support and stability while harnessing the impact to provide a springing action.
  • The Jordan sneaker that has this technology is the woven-designed Air Jordan XV. Another Jordan sneaker that contains this tech is the Air Jordan Spike 40 though it does not contain cues from the AJ XV.


The traditional way of creating EVA was a no-go for an ambitious company as they look to dominate the global sneaker market as they progress. Reinventing how foam materials combine, Nike devised another way to bring EVA into the table in the form of Phylon.
  • The first sign of Phylon on a shoe dates back from Nike's pioneer model which is the Cortez. Its name as a shoe brand carried even the material which was prevalent in most of the recent iterations including Jordan sneakers.
  • Phylon is created by compressing EVA foam pellets then applied with heat to expand. The last process involves cooling of the new acquired raw foam material into a mold.
  • Same with EVA, Phylon is also lightweight and soft, but Phylon has a more flexible nature and ample cushioning due to the additional processes involved.
  • Almost all Jordan sneakers with Air-sole units are encapsulated on a Phylon material including the Air Jordan First Class, Sky High OG, and many more. Some of these have Injected-unit soles which to some extent, even doubles as an outsole like the Jordan Reveal.


Along with the lockdown systems of neighboring footwear giants like Reebok's Pump and Puma's Disc, Nike also ventured into this kind of improvement with the induction of their FlyWire tech.
  • Inspired by the design of the suspension bridges, the FlyWire utilizes tenacious Vectran cables to keep the feet in place. The mechanism prevents the foot to slide which wraps the foot like tendons.
  • Jordan sneakers that are embellished in this foot-securing tech are the Jordan Flight Luxe, Formula 23 Toggle, and the Jordan New School. 

Nike Dynamic Fit

Nike came up with a hugging technology that grants an unparalleled securing fit. They passed it on to their little brother who now infuses this tech to their lifestyle line.
  • The Dynamic Fit revolves around fingerlike overlays that run under the foot and are somewhat connected to the laces. Every time the laces are tightened, a hugging mechanism occurs.
  • This technology is utilized in the Jordan sneaker called Jordan True Flight which is sandwiched into the inner sleeve of the shoe.

Nike Flex Grooves

It is a fact that Jordan sneakers are partially owned by Nike so consistently seeing Nike tech in this portion is no surprise. And here comes another one.
  • With its debut in the Nike Free model, the simple but innovative Flex Grooves was radically received by the public.
  • Flex Grooves is a common orthopedic term but what Nike did is to create their own design for the strategic flexing of the foot. In layman's terms, Flex Grooves are the horizontal lines on the outsole that align with the folding of the foot on every stride.
  • This tech design is manifested by the Jordan Reveal which displays a minimalist image like that of the Roshe's.

Jordan Collaborations

Jordan sneakers alone can be treated as collaborations of different Air Jordans from iconic accents that were pulled out from the coveted ones. But moreover, these sub collabs have third-party fusions that jump from one artist or retailer to another.

SoleFly x Jordan Eclipse

The Miami-based shoe store SoleFly experimented a different take on the Eclipse' upper. Drenching the Jordan sneaker in pastel colors of orange and pink, the SoleFly x Jordan Eclipse enlists Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid as their role model. Each of the two colorways is released in a limited number of 250 pairs.

SoleFly x Jordan Spizike

SoleFly is at it again with another collaboration with yet another iconic Jordan sneaker: the Spizike. Released in very limited, still, we cannot stress this enough, extremely very limited editions of a SoleFly x Jordan Spizike friends and family pack which comes in a green with a hint of the orange colorway. This collab was to honor the second anniversary of the Miami sneaker boutique in 2012.

PSNY x Jordan Horizon

Public School succeeded their well designed Jordan XII with another iteration that comes from Jordan sneakers' lifestyle department. The PSNY x Jordan Horizon features a tribal graphic black upper with also a black sole. Hints of tribal branding can be seen on the footbed and the outsole. It was first introduced to the general public on December 12, 2015.

Travis Scott x Jordan Trunner LX

Jacques Webster A.K.A Travis Scott debuts a new colorway for the Jordan Trunner LX in 2017 which is dubbed accordingly as his own record label: Cactus Jack. The Jordan sneaker features pastel green, light pink, royal blue, and grey all mixed to celebrate a warm silhouette. This shoe was his first collaboration with the Jordan sneaker brand.

Trophy Room x Jordan Reveal

Marcus Jordan, the Airness' son, set-up shop in Miami and featured one of the somewhat newer models of the franchise. The Trophy Room x Jordan Reveal borrows Rio accents of yellow and green giving homage to the 2016 Olympics. The collection also includes shoe sizes for the whole family.

NBA x Jordan Horizon PRM "All Star"

Sneaker boutiques and artists are not the only ones with collabs but the NBA system as well. With its tangent relationship with the Jordan Brand, it is a no-brainer that they would coincide along the way. The NBA x Jordan Horizon PRM "All Star" features a one-piece upper with a multicolored graphic design scattered throughout.

DJ Khaled x Jordan Brand Grateful

With the release of his album "Grateful," DJ Khaled simultaneously released his own line of Jordan sneakers packed with hints of elephant prints and warm colors. The collection includes a Jordan Fly 89 in the "Grateful" colorway.

Nicki Minaj x Jordan Jasmine

It was one of the very few that started off as a collaboration at first then proceeded to be its own line of Jordan sneakers. The Jordan Jasmine was inspired by Michael's daughter by the same name and is first spotted on the feet of Nicki Minaj during the 2015 Jordan Brand Classic post-game celebration.

Wahlburgers x Jordan Formula 23

Mark Wahlberg was Jordan's golf buddy, and their relationship gave birth to a Jordan sneaker that would feature the actor's family-owned business of burger joints. The Wahlburgers x Jordan Formula 23 was released in 2017 featuring Wahlburgers logo on the tongue and in the insole. The food franchise'dominant green color is also utilized from the upper to the sole in various colorways.

Frequently Asked Questions

As one browses the internet for Jordan sneakers, they might generate a common question which is also being thought of by different people. Below is a consolidation of those that people ask regarding Jordan sneakers.

Where are Jordan kicks made?

A bulk of the Jordan sneakers are made in China while some are made in Vietnam and the US.

Where to buy Jordan shoes?

If you are a bit of an internet bookie then finding the right Jordan sneaker would be best if the Jordan official website is visited. The official site is run under the Nike umbrella site which also features Converse and other apparel. Similarly, other online shops like Footlocker, Flight Club, Sneaker Bar Detroit also has an extensive collection of Jordan sneakers. Amazon is almost a no-brainer for specific Jordan releases.
Physical stores and Nike factory outlets in malls also contain Jordan sneakers but display a limited variety of colorways. Famous outlets like Kith and Supreme frequently have the recent releases of new colorways.

How are Jordan sneakers adequately washed?

The first step is to sprinkle the sneaker with baking soda the night before to soften the dirt and remove odor. After leaving it overnight, remove the laces and initially scrub the captured dirt and grime. Place the sneaker, and the laces inside a wash bag or pillowcase then put it in the washer. Remember to use liquid detergent.
After the wash process, remove the sneakers and laces from the wash bag and allow it to air dry. Never intend to put these Jordan sneakers in the dryer as the heat may affect the materials and the glue that keeps it together.

How do you stretch Jordan shoes?

Stretching shoes does not apply to Jordan sneakers alone but also with other foot apparel. Nonetheless, here is the proper way to stretch Jordan sneakers:
Step 1. Put on thick socks. Doubling a pair will be most ideal.
Step 2. Force the feet into the narrow running shoe.
Step 3. Using a blow dryer, start applying heat to snug areas while continually stretching the toes and bending the feet.
Step 4. Wait till the leather or the upper cool down. Remove your feet and enjoy the new fit of your Jordan sneakers.

Where do you sell Jordan sneakers?

For newcomers to the Jordan sneaker game, this would probably be the right question. The answer? One word. Ebay.
Another platform for selling these J's is Flight Club which offers new and used options. Some consider StockX and Kixify as a comfortable marketplace.
Though not much of the Jordan sneakers for lifestyle share the bulk of the limelight of the sneaker-crazed scenario, models like the Dub Zeros and the Spizikes keep a name for themselves when it comes to coveted kicks.

What are the most expensive Jordan sneakers for lifestyle?

Probably the most costly iteration on the lifestyle category of Jordan sneakers would be the 6 Rings and the Spizike retailing at $160 and $175 respectively. Collaborations and special editions are the exceptions, of course.

How can one identify a fake Jordan from the real one?

The best way to quickly identify a fake Jordan sneaker is to compare its overall appearance with the one on the official website. Logo and branding placement should be consistent. Stitches should also run clean and non-crooked.
Every Jordan sneaker box comes with a sticker labeling the model number, size, name, and style of the shoe bought. If there are inconsistencies with these, you probably are holding a fake pair.
And finally, the tag on the shoe must match the one stated on the box. Do this for both shoes, and if one deviates, then we are sorry, but you have non-original sneaks.

How do I clean white Jordan shoes?

The white Jordan sneaker that one can ever think of would probably be the Jordan Eclipse in tonal (one color from upper to sole) white. With this in mind, the best possible way to clean these white rubber soles is to use Seaglow. Seaglow is a beneficial whitening agent but always keep in mind that it stains the upper so use it with great caution.

What are Jordan shoes made of?

There is a wide variety of material sources for Jordan sneakers to come from. Due to its basketball-inspired nature, most of these are leather bound with several Durabuck overlays helping to keep its shape. Other is composed of textile materials such as canvas and mesh for a more lifestyle feel.
For the sole, most of these kicks feature a Phylon midsole with a plastic Air-sole unit. These are usually partnered by grippy rubber outsoles which are sometimes translucent.

What outfit would match Jordan casual shoes?

The best clothing option that would fit a Jordan sneaker would be those apparel that would not cover or hinder the overall look of the shoe. Knowing that Jordan sneakers invest in its aesthetics and appeal, these shoes are best to be flaunted. A long list of these apparel includes skinny jeans, leggings, joggers, shorts and many more.

Who owns the Jordan brand?

Technically speaking, Nike owns the Jordan Brand. From its 1984 deal, Michael Jordan owns royalties in an undisclosed percentage, but as news reports say, he roughly makes $100 million a year from Jordan sneakers sales.

History of Jordan sneakers

During his pre-NBA college days, Michael Jordan set his sights on wearing Adidas. It all changed when Nike offered a jaw-dropping, lucrative deal that would pan out for only three years; including "other incentives." Michael was the only athlete on Nike's radar at the time and was believed to be the answer for the company's comeback.

The shoe that started the commotion

After agreeing to sign with the Oregon-based company, Jordan and Nike collaborated on the design of their pioneer shoe which is initially called the Jordan Airship. The said shoe displays black and red colors that violate the dress codes of NBA which involves wearing a dominant white shoe during gameplay.
Nike viewed the banning as a sign of opportunity. They later released commercials that state: "On October 15th, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe," then followed by "On October 18th, the NBA threw them out of the game. Fortunately, the NBA can't keep you from wearing them." The shoes that were sold to the public were now known as the Air Jordan 1's.
Along with Michael Jordan's unhindered performance, the Air Jordans began to sell like pancakes to a crowd who wants to be like Mike. Its success was to be followed a couple of years after with the release of the second version of the Air Jordan: the Air Jordan II.

The era of cold feet

By the end of the year of the Jordan II, Michael had his thoughts on continuing with Nike. The brand had let go of its previous designers namely Moore (Air Jordan I) and Kilgore (Air Jordan II) and had planned to involve Tinker Hatfield into the franchise. Though Moore and Kilgore influenced Jordan to come with them, Mike refused and stayed. Good thing that he did because the subsequent iteration on the Jordan line would become the most iconic Jordan sneaker.
With a lot of improvements in branding and design, the Air Jordan III was the first mid top and the first Jordan sneaker to display a visible Air bubble. It was one of Jordan's favorite shoes to wear and was even seen on his feet during the 1988 Dunk Contest. The AJ III was the spark plug for the creation of the Jordan Brand series which spontaneously releases models on a yearly basis since 1987.

Deviating from the pack

From a long line of basket-driven silhouettes comes an iteration unlike any other. Jordan Brand started to experiment with running-training inspired kicks built for everyday use. In 2000, they introduced the Jordan Trunner which was one of the first Jordans not built for the court. Its appeal was polarizing at first, given the loyalty sneakerheads project to the Jordan Brand but as the years mature the public embraced it as a lifestyle shoe.

Giving honor to the past

Out of many editions of Air Jordan sneakers, it was in 2005 where Jordan Brand realized it was time for a hybrid of the best accents from previous Jordan sneaker models. The Air Jordan Dub Zero was born and was critically acclaimed by many, although not all sneakerheads feel the same way.
The synthesis of different Jordan styles was soon caught up by subsequent Jordan sneakers like the Spizike which gives a nod to Spike Lee, the prolific advertiser of the brand during its early days.
Several attempts of incorporating lifestyle models hoarded the Nike creative kitchen and were observed with the release of Air Jordan Air Force One Fusions. Many were disgusted with the collaboration and sales flopped, but there were a few who said otherwise.

A different kind of Jordan sneaker

As the Jordans grew more and more to be lifestyle-bound footwear, recent iterations portray a more relaxed and comfortable feel. Pulling hints from the AJ XI's, the Air Jordan Future became the pinnacle design for upcoming athleisure wear which inspired future releases like the Reveal and the Horizon.

15 best Jordan sneakers

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  7. Jordan Express
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  9. Jordan Fly 89
  10. Jordan True Flight
  11. Jordan Generation
  12. Jordan Horizon
  13. Air Jordan Future
  14. Jordan Flight Luxe
  15. Jordan Courtside 23
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