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  1. Any color
    Newton Gravity 8 - Green
    €220 €125 Save 43%
  2. Any color
    Newton Kismet - Orange
    €170 €122 Save 28%
  3. Any color
    Newton Distance Elite - blue-red
    €200 €160 Save 20%
  4. Any color
    Newton Gravity 7 - Multi
    €220 €155 Save 30%
  5. Any color
    €170 €90 Save 47%
  6. Any color
    €180 €144 Save 20%
  7. Any color
    €220 €125 Save 43%
  8. Any color
    €200 €121 Save 40%
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  11. Any color
    €220 €135 Save 39%
  12. Any color
    €170 €115 Save 32%
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  14. Any color
    €170 €80 Save 53%
  15. Any color
    €180 €110 Save 39%
  16. €200 €85 Save 58%
  17. Any color
    €170 €120 Save 29%
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  19. Any color
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Newton quickly rises the ranks with its running technologies that amaze both casual runners and professional athletes. Known for their natural running shoe selection, the brand continues its success after being turned down to license with top shoe brands, like Saucony, Nike, and Adidas. This athletic shoe brand is now a constant presence in the running community and particularly favored by neutral pronators and those who are pursuing barefoot running. 

The notable Newton running shoe technologies

Newton running shoes are inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion which says, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” To give runners efficient and satisfying ride, Newton has been doing a lot of research to effective design their running shoes.

Some of the Newton innovative technologies are the following:

Action/Reaction Technology

This midsole technology is unique to Newton. It is designed to deliver responsive and bouncy cushioning for a much quicker transition. It comes in different variations, depending on the Point of Power (P.O.P) designations.

The Point of Power or P.O.P has different lug platforms, depending on the type of cushioning and responsiveness level of the shoe.

  • P.O.P 1 – It features powerful lugs which deliver a high level of responsiveness. The platform has isolated and square corners for a dynamic ride.  The P.O.P 1 is found in Newton’s high mileage shoes.
  • P.O.P 2 – This platform features the same elastic member as the P.O.P 1, but with beveled lugs for a smoother ride. It still delivers a good amount of responsiveness, but with a more relaxed ride.


It is a midsole technology designed to deliver a responsive, full-foot cushioning. It also ensures a stable and smooth ride no matter the distance. This cushioning system also aims to deliver a comfortable and durable underfoot protection.

SHARC (Super High Abrasion Rubber Compound)

It is an outsole material that offers plenty of sturdiness; it withstands abrasion miles after miles. SHARC also enhances grip for a more stable running performance. It remains to be flexible and lightweight. This rubber material is used in some Newton running shoes like the New Distance 7 and Newton Motion 7.

Characteristics of the best running shoes from Newton

best newton running shoes
Best Newton running shoes - November 2019

There are two types of runners: those who stick to the road and those who want to explore the rugged wild. If you belong to the former, you need to invest in Newton road shoes because they can provide comfort, shock attenuation, and responsiveness. Runners who are more of the latter will enjoy their pair of Newton trail shoes for their traction, waterproof features, debris protection and comfort on uneven ground.

Below are the notable features of the best Newton running shoes:

  • Responsive – With the usage of the Action/Reaction Technology and Newtonium foam, Newton shoes are expected to be responsive. Every pair allows runners to bounce back as quickly as possible. Newton running shoes also reduce painful running and fatigue.
  • Lightweight – The average weight of Newton running shoes range from 240 to 280 grams. Compared to other neutral shoes from other brands, they are very light and fast. Newton racing flats weigh as light as 170 grams.
  • Comfortable - The upper materials of the running shoes are designed to give breathability and comfort. The interior linings are also soft, and the tongue and collar are moderately padded. These offer a smoother in-shoe feel while enhancing overall coziness. Newton cushioning also provides all-day underfoot comfort. As long as you wear the right size, comfort will never be a problem.
  • Durable – Newton shoes are very durable because it is made from premium materials from top to bottom. On average, training shoes can last up to 500 miles while racing flats can survive up to 200 miles.   
  • Low heel-to-toe drop – All Newton shoes have a low heel-to-toe drop design, ranging from 0mm to 6mm. The low drop design gives runners a platform that is closer to the ground, promoting a more natural running performance.

Best-selling Newton running shoes for men and women

The Newton Running shoe brand is already becoming a rising star in the shoe industry, given that runners are already leaning towards a natural running movement. The brand’s shoe collections are developed and manufactured with comfort and performance in mind, so you can expect top-quality platforms that could service any runner, from newbies to professionals.

The best-selling Newton running shoe models are equipped with advanced technologies, from the upper to the outsole. Newton Running has continuously modified these models year after year to give runners exactly what they needed while running.

Whether you want to hit the road or seek the thrilling trail, Newton running shoes will keep you steady and stable on your feet. The following are the best models based on Newton running shoe reviews:

  • Newton Gravity – The Gravity is one of the leading shoe models from Newton Running. It is a running shoe designed for road running, and it has a low heel-drop of 3mm. Now on its 7th version, the 2018 Newton Gravity continues its legacy as a lightweight running shoe. The new Gravity remains to be a competent player in the performance category.
  • Newton Distance – It is the lightest and fastest shoes in the Newton neutral line. The 2018 version, the Newton Distance 7, features several new technologies to make the performance even faster and better. This model is ideal for long-distance running and competition.  
  • Newton Motion – It is the flagship model of Newton Running under the stability category. It is designed for the roads and features a very low heel-to-toe drop. The 2018 version of the Newton Motion features a lightweight design, and it aims to give runners smooth, versatile and stable ride.   

Running techniques from Newton Running

Newton Running wants runners not only to run faster but also to run better. The brand gives runners several running techniques on how to improve running efficiency and reduce injury.

Three factors to improve running performance:

Body posture

Correct body posture can be achieved by standing straight and relaxing the shoulders. Look to the horizon and slightly lean forward. Make sure the feet are positioned under the body, and the feet should land parallel to the ground.

Foot position

Look straight ahead and keep the head up. Relax the arms, level the hips and flex the knees. The arms should be relaxed and in 90-degree angles. Hold the arms close to the body and pull the elbow back. As you run, the foot should land level to the ground and close to the body.


Cadence refers to the runner’s stride rate or SPM (stride per minute). Improving running cadence will help runners achieve an injury-free performance. If there is an increase in speed, the stride also lengthens. For an injury-free running, runners must maintain the cadence of 170 to 190 per minute.   

Frequently asked questions

Which Newton running shoe is best for competition?

The Newton Distance Elite is good for competition. It provides efficient and fast performance at any distance.  

What is the most expensive Newton running shoe?

The Gravity and Motion models are by far the most expensive running shoes from Newton. These shoes are built for road running. Despite the expensive pricing, Newton shoes are selling fast. Casual runners might not be keen to invest in a Newton pair unless they are serious in pursuing a natural running movement. But for those who love low-drop shoes, the best Newton running footwear have already had a place in their shoe collections.

Which models are best for neutral runners?

Runners with a neutral foot mechanism should consider the Gravity, Distance, and Fate models. The latest versions of these models feature the new Newtonian technology, which provides a more responsive full-foot cushioning.

Can I wear Newton running shoes for walking?

Yes, you can. The Kismet (stability shoe) and Fate (neutral shoe) models are good for walking since they offer a good amount of full-foot cushioning. Both models are designed to be responsive and supportive as well.

How long will my Newton running shoe last?

Most of the Newton running shoe models have a lifespan of 350 to 500 miles on average. Racing flats, like the Tri Racer, has an average lifespan of up to 200 miles.

Is there a Newton running shoe for trail use?

The Newton BOCO AT is a trail specific model. It features water-resistant upper, durable toe bumpers, comfortable underfoot cushioning, and multi-directional lugs. As of 2018, the latest version available is the BOCO AT 3.

Can I insert orthotics to my Newton shoes?

Yes. Newton running shoes come with removable inserts. You can simply replace it with your custom orthotics or insert.

How can I properly clean my Newton running shoes?

Do not machine wash your running shoes. Use warm water and mild soap. Remove the insoles first and clean the rest of the shoe by using an old toothbrush. Do not expose your shoes to extreme temperature.

7 best Newton running shoes

  1. Newton Distance Elite
  2. Newton Fate 5
  3. Newton Motion 8
  4. Newton Distance S 8
  5. Newton Gravity 8
  6. Newton Kismet 5
  7. Newton BoCo AT 4
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