46 best Skechers running shoes

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  1. Any color
    Skechers GOrun Ride 7 - navy
    Skechers GOrun Ride 7 - womens
    Skechers GOrun Ride 7 - Charcoal/Blue
    Skechers GOrun Ride 7 - Blue
    Skechers GOrun Ride 7 - Black/White
    €120 €58 Save 52%
  2. Any color
    Skechers GOrun Fast - Valor - Black
    Skechers GOrun Fast - Valor - Red
    €90 €53 Save 41%
  3. Any color
    Skechers GOrun 600 - Black (Black Textile/White Trim Bkw)
    Skechers GOrun 600 - Charcoal Textile Orange Trim Ccor
    Skechers GOrun 600 - Blue (Navy Textile/White Trim Nvw)
    Skechers GOrun 600 - Black
    €80 €35 Save 56%
  4. Any color
    Skechers GOrun Forza 3 - Black / Purple
    Skechers GOrun Forza 3 - mens
    €150 €73 Save 51%
  5. Any color
    €130 €60 Save 54%
  6. Any color
    €100 €64 Save 36%
  7. Any color
    €90 €64 Save 29%
  8. Any color
    €130 €64 Save 51%
  9. Any color
    €90 €45 Save 50%
  10. Any color
    €90 €57 Save 37%
  11. Any color
    €150 €100 Save 33%
  12. €70 €49 Save 30%
  13. Any color
    €170 €130 Save 24%
  14. Any color
    €150 €70 Save 53%
  15. No offers available

  16. Any color
    €180 €42 Save 77%
  17. Any color
    €170 €68 Save 60%
  18. Any color
    €120 €100 Save 17%
  19. No offers available

  20. No offers available

Trending since 1992: the history of Skechers

The Skechers Company is the brainchild of Robert Greenberg, a former head of L.A. Gear. He determined that while athletic shoes were the boon of other companies, shoes for casual wear didn’t really have a home. He wanted a brand that would revolutionize streetwear and fashion-forward casual shoes. The year 1992 was the birth year of Skechers USA, Inc.

During its inception, Skechers was identified as a supply outlet for Dr. Martens. Such was the case for a year, but Greenberg didn’t want to stay as a subsidiary. He proceeded to cultivate his own portfolio. The brand initially focused on making shoes for skating and boots for logging or construction. Suffice it to say that the innovators and designers in the creative labs were intent on securing the market, churning out both functional and stylish products for consumer use.

The year 1992 saw a resurgence of interest in the rock music genre (the amalgamation of subgenres is known as ‘grunge’). Such a passionate liking for an artistic expression also paved the way for attentiveness in fashion, and appreciators of grunge music liked laid-back and unimposing attires. Skechers saw this phenomenon as a chance to appeal to this demographic, and thus its first product was born: the logger boot.

The ‘90s, in retrospect, was a period that was profitable for Skechers. People were finally captured, and fashion was on the rise. In fact, the year 1995 turned out to be a landmark time for the brand as it released the Roadies sneaker. Two years later, kids-specific shoes were brought to the market. And in 1998, the Skechers USA and Skechers Sports divisions were unleashed, widening the scope of product choice through the full integration of casual and athletic rosters.

The turn of the millennium allowed the company to have more out-of-the-box ideas, releasing shoes for any and every occasion. Those who liked going to races got the Grand Prix series; workers were graced with the options from the Skechers Work subcategory; flip-flops also got their time in the limelight via the Skechers Cali.

The 2010s was a period that further ignited the brand’s capacity to provide comfortable underfoot experiences. The GOrun series was established (2011), followed by the GOwalk (2012). These performance-centric shoes solidified Skechers as a highly versatile shop that doles out the products to satisfy consumer choice and utilization.

Skechers and running

best skechers running shoes
Best Skechers running shoes- November 2019

GOrun is Skechers’ foray into the realm of performance running. The series was established in the year 2011, and on that same year, some people who have won contests were seen wearing the precursor model. The world was paying attention to this new change.

The models that grace the GOrun line make use of unique construction, favoring a midfoot striking zone to encourage a mechanically sound and consistently fast running performance. Such a configuration would continue to establish itself as a prominent feature in many of the Skechers running shoes succeeding the initial release.

The technologies that grace the Skechers running shoes

Skechers is known for creating their own set of tech for their running shoes. The parts and components that are placed in each shoe have been engineered to enable a natural yet speedy performance.  Some might say that it is through these features that many a marathoner have exhibited an increase in running output.

Here are some of the technologies that aim to heighten the wearer’s stride when running:

  • Resalyte – This technology is used for cushioning the underside of the foot. It is made of an injection molded material that is able to mold itself slightly to the contours of the foot-pad. It has also been configured to be lightweight and flexible.
  • 5GEN® – This foam unit is one of the recent updates to the list of Skechers cushioning systems. It is a full-length material that’s designed to offer a springy ride. It has a spongy nature that allows the foot to experience an energized lift.
  • FLIGHT GEN™ – An evolution of the proprietary cushioning system that aims to deliver a responsive performance, this full-length compound is even more lightweight than the standard offerings. And though it doesn’t have a substantial weight, it still has the form and essence to assimilate springy toe-offs.
  • Goga Mat® – This insole technology is made using compounds that are highly reactive to weight and motion. It is lightweight and flexible, yet it cushions the foot adequately through its springy Also, it is able to absorb impact shock with ease, dispersing the energy generated by the landing phase, thus saving the tendons and muscles from the blowback.
  • Midfoot Strike Zone – Skechers designed the sole unit of their running shoes to have a midfoot that is more susceptible to be in contact with the ground. Such a design permits midfoot striking as opposed to the much-common heel striking. Pundits say that heel striking causes discomfort as it results in high levels of impact shock; it is also deemed less efficient when it comes to transitioning through the gait cycle as it takes more time to reset the step when starting from the heel.
  • GOknit™ – A knitted fabric is used in some of the Skechers running shoes. This kind of textile offers breathability in a lightweight and flexible package. Moreover, it is touted to be smooth in texture so runners can experience an irritation-free in-shoe experience when wearing a shoe that has the GOknit™.

The famous running shoes from Skechers

‘Performance’ is a word that is vital to the growth of Skechers as a company. All the small cogs of this enterprise function because of the real-world implications of such a term. The brand, as well as the shoe, needs to dole out high-tier performance to ensure the preservation of credibility and the evolution of creativity.

Most shoe enthusiasts from across the globe have deemed Skechers shoes to be of high-quality. They have surmised that a company that values performance as much as product innovation deserves to be taken seriously. The GOrun series has gone quite the distance to secure its place in the pantheon of running shoes that people trust when tackling either daily speed training or racing.

Here is a list of some of Skechers’ popular running shoes:

Skechers GOrun 600

This running shoe blends style and functionality in a single package. Skechers aims to provide neutral pronators with a lightweight and flexible in-shoe experience that isn’t tarnished down by too many overlays or a bulky design. Several consumers liked the responsiveness and the comfort that it provided, though, given the smooth and unimposing construction, the durability was questioned.

Skechers GOrun 400

One of the earliest builds in the GOrun series retains its popularity through its implementation of a supportive yet breathable sandwich mesh, a set of stitched overlays, and a lightweight configuration. A sporty look has been utilized here, with angular shapes complementing the bullet-shaped facade. When it comes to user feedback, this road companion had a ball. People were generally happy with the performance and the overall quality of the construction.

Skechers GOrun Mojo

The GOrun Mojo is one of the Skechers performance shoes that profoundly embraces style. A bootie construction is used for the upper, permitting the foot to experience a stretchy yet smooth wrap that evokes the feeling of merely wearing a sock. A sturdy yet responsive midsole ensures springy and well-cushioned steps. Runners who have tested the Mojo stated that it worked well for both casual and athletic activities, though several consumers complained of a poor underfoot experience and a narrow fit.

Skechers GOrun Ride 7

Lightweight construction in a sturdy façade, that’s the design philosophy behind the GOrun Ride 7. This running shoe offers conventional running enthusiasts with a snug yet secure experience while also aiming for aesthetics that aren’t visually arresting. Consumers lauded this iteration in the Ride series, emphasizing the versatile build, the comfortable cushioning system, and the breathable yet supportive upper.

Skechers GOtrail Ultra 4

Skechers’ foray into trail running was mostly well-received by those who have tested their offerings. The GOtrail Ultra 4 is an example of an off-road variant that was welcomed by consumers. The thick configuration of the cushioning unit was highlighted, as well as the aggressively traction-ready outsole. Furthermore, the hazard-alleviating measures such as the midsole drainage holes apparently accommodated a confident run on irregular topography.

Skechers GOmeb Razor 2

To commemorate racer Meb Keflezighi and his collaborations with the brand, Skechers created the GOmeb tag. The Razor 2 is one of the incarnations of the racer-focused design that channels Meb’s capacity to stay energized and enabled during the contests. The upper provides light and breathable coverage, with a knitted fabric staving off irritation. The midfoot striking zone encourages a speedier performance.

Skechers and an earth-conscious mindset

As a company, Skechers desires to be environmentally conscious. They have developed and are utilizing facilities that aim to conserve mechanical and electrical energy and reduce waste via recycling. These buildings and centers are strategically designed to employ features that are sustainable. Some examples are the use of natural lighting, landscaping, and the lowering of the use of landfills.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program has acknowledged Skechers’ North American and European distribution hubs as industry-leading when it comes to crafting innovative waste reduction and energy usage techniques throughout the production process. The buildings within the compounds were made to reflect sunlight away, thus reducing in-house temperatures. A vent system activates at night, optimizing the circulation of cool air in the interior spaces.

Solar panels are used for power. This energy-generating technology is one of the most environmentally friendly methods available on the market and Skechers is fully utilizing such a technique. Energy-conserving LED lights and temperature controllers are also present in such facilities.

Water is preserved via a facility-wide conservation endeavor. Any unnecessary use of water is highly discouraged, though extreme restrictions aren’t put into place.

Frequently-asked questions

Which Skechers performance shoe is the best one for me?

There are three main subcategories in the Skechers Performance line of shoes, namely GOrun, GOwalk, and GO GOLF. These three groups have products that are optimized for the specific activity.

GO GOLF – The technical golf options have stylish looks and contemporary designs, making them less noticeable as a garment for a particular sport. The elements that give these shoes away as golf-specific variants are the traction nodes at the bottom. Traversing the grassy surfaces of golf courses may be challenging due to the slippery nature of grass; the semi-prominent protrusions help in holding onto the ground. Golfers may look like casual options, but functionality is at the forefront of its design.

GOwalk – The products that are featured in this category are descendants of the designs that initially kickstarted the Skechers brand. These shoes aim to accommodate any shoe enthusiast, giving comfort and functionality at a convenient level.

The styles that are in this category are versatile. Some shoes have casual, easygoing looks while others employ sporty silhouettes. Some models have thick soles (for long walking sessions) and others that are minimalistic in construction (for fashion-conscious individuals who desire a subdued look when it comes to their footwear).

There are also shoes in this subcategory that are meant to be versatile when it comes to functionality. The athletic façades may show off the multipurpose role of the products, yet their respective parts also contribute to such distinctions. Some of the components used in GOwalk shoes are also present in the ones under the running subgroup.

GOrun – The shoes in the GOrun group are made for high levels of performance. These products are meant to withstand the rigorousness of moving fast on the pavement. The philosophy behind the designs is propelling motion. A curved platform encourages a rocking motion; a form-fitting façade exhibits a full-frame coverage; lightweight materials permit quick and unencumbered transitions through the gait cycle; biomechanically-engineered features (such as the midfoot strike zone) allow for running styles that are more efficient than the oft-debated heel-to-toe kind of step.

Functionality isn’t the only strong suit of the shoes within the GOrun banner, and they’re not strictly made to only be used for running. These products also have various material configurations, color schemes and inspired outlines that allow them to be used for any purpose. Going the distance may be the primary reason of these offerings, but they’re not closed to being worn for casual walks or fashion.

Can I use GOrun shoes for walking and GOwalk shoes for running?

Skechers shoes are crafted explicitly for particular purposes; GOrun shoes are for running, and GOwalk shoes are for walking. But that doesn’t mean that a pair under one specific subcategory can’t be used for other activities. In fact, you can use GOrun shoes as a part of your fashion clothing, and you can accommodate some gym time or light running sessions with your GOwalk pair.

Versatility is part of the vision of the Skechers brand. The designers and innovators want their consumers to be confident when tackling the daily tasks, so they use high-quality materials in the making of their shoes. They also desire functionality to complement the stylistic looks of their products.

But it is also good to know that GOrun shoes have designs that are explicitly meant for running. The lightweight build, the semi-curved design, the precise foot-coverage, and the running-optimized features contribute to a potentially excellent performance.

How do I care for my Skechers running shoes?

Cleaning - Cleaning your Skechers running shoes is a matter of knowing not to use aggressive methods such as machine washing and vigorous scrubbing. And though running shoes of today are more securely constructed, they’re not wholly safe from wear-and-tear, so abrasive cleaning methods may affect the overall quality and longevity of the components.

The process of cleaning your shoe begins by removing excess dirt or grime. The material that’s best for such a step is a cloth or a fine brush. You don’t have to scrub the dirt off entirely or aim for a near-complete tidying; you only need to make sure to clear the façade of unnecessary coatings.

When it comes to the substance that’s going to be used for completely removing the filth from the shoe, you don’t need to use harsh chemicals. You need only utilize a small amount of laundry detergent mixed with warm water to clear the upper unit.

A cloth or cleaning blush should be dunked into the soap-and-water mix. The damp material is enough to wipe off the remaining dirt from the façade. The sole unit may need extra scrubbing, but that depends on the level of staining that’s left.

The soap mixture is expunged from the silhouette of the shoe through various methods. While some people might only want to wipe off the soap, others may desire to use flowing water. These different approaches are still useful when it comes to completing the cleaning process.

General Care – The lifespan of your shoes depends on how you use it and how you store it. When you are using your shoes daily, it is helpful to not subject them to harsh conditions or potentially hazardous situations. You can be as active as you desire, but you should also be mindful of the health of your apparel.

If you are always running or if you are using only one pair of shoes for a majority of your daily tasks, then your shoes are likely to be more susceptible to wear-and-tear. It is best to know that no matter how securely constructed any object is, it is still subject to material damage, especially when used frequently.

The storage of your Skechers shoes may sound like a trivial and unnecessary topic, but it’s necessary for allowing you to maintain a well-rounded safekeeping attitude. When you’re done using your shoes for the day, then don’t let them to just be strewn on the floor. Not only is it unsightly to see a dirty floor, having footwear haphazardly placed on it may ultimately be dangerous. So, it is recommended to have a shoe rack or an easily accessible area separate from your living space that can be used to keep your shoes safe.

When should I replace my pair of Skechers running shoes?

The offerings from the Skechers running category are built to last, but they’re not meant to be irreplaceable. All products go through a freshness state before gradually transitioning to a part of their lifespans where they would need to be replaced with new ones. Running shoes are subject to such conditions, especially since they are exposed to strenuous activities, surface impact and the intricacies of human movement.

Most runners use mileage as an indicator of a running shoe’s life. Some say that just over 200 miles’ worth of use is enough to start thinking about replacing a pair, while others stretch the condition to 300 or 400 miles.

Ultimately, the decision to buy new running shoes boils down to user preference and the current state of the shoe. If you’re a person who loves buying new models from a fresh or an old-timer series, then all you have to do is indulge. But those who don’t frequently buy shoes may want to check out their current pair for damage or signs of wear. Inefficient shoes ultimately restrict the efficacy of the performance, thus marring the quality of the run.

You don’t have to wait for the long miles or for your shoes to start sagging to get a fresh pair of performance running shoe. In fact, alternating between several pairs of running shoes may prove helpful in preventing early material breakdown. Moreover, wearing a different set for a particular day may increase confidence and sureness during the running session.

15 best Skechers running shoes

  1. Skechers GOrun Fast - Valor
  2. Skechers GOrun 600 - Refine
  3. Skechers GOrun Fast
  4. Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper
  5. Skechers GOrun 600
  6. Skechers GOrun 5
  7. Skechers GOrun Ride 7
  8. Skechers GOrun Mojo
  9. Skechers GOrun 6
  10. Skechers GOrun Forza 3
  11. Skechers GOrun Pure
  12. Skechers GOrun 600 - Circulate
  13. Skechers GOrun Air - Stratus
  14. Skechers GOrun Horizon
  15. Skechers GOrun Focus
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