Update: Salomon Speedcross 5
Terrain: Trail
Arch support: Neutral
Use: Jogging
Weight: Men: 310g | Women: 260g
Heel to toe drop: Men: 10mm | Women: 10mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Strike Pattern: Heel strike
Distance: Daily running | Long distance | Marathon
Heel height: Men: 30mm | Women: 30mm
Forefoot height: Men: 20mm | Women: 20mm
Release date: Aug 2016
Brand: Salomon
Type: Heavy | Big guy
Width: Men: Normal, Wide, X-Wide | Women: Normal, Wide, X-Wide
Price: €170
Colorways: Blue, Black, Grey, Green, Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Silver
Special editions: 3 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated Trail running shoe
Top 2% most popular running shoes
It has never been more popular than this November

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84 / 100 based on 35 expert reviews

  • 92 / 100 | William Sanderson

    The Salomon Speedcross 4 : An excellent pair of off-road shoes ready to climb mountains!

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    I’m going to break this review down into the sections that I feel most important for me as a runner. However, I want to first give you an idea as to why I needed this kind of shoe and what I was looking for.

    I entered the Helvellyn Triathlon in 2018 and needed a shoe capable of being excellent off-road, capable on rugged terrain and comfortable enough to endure 15km up and down a mountain in the lake district - not an easy task, but I was confident that I would find the right shoe.



    The upper mesh is breathable and quite robust. I did lots of research and discovered that the best shoe for off-road running is a non-gore-tex shoe since a gore-tex shoe will let water in but not out.

    The Salomon shoe keeps your feet dry and warm in good weather, and I found the shoe dried quickly when damp - so it was the perfect material. I felt like the upper had a shell structure and the toe box, in particular, was perfect to protect my toes when descending.



    For the size, I read lots of reviews, and many suggested sizing up, but I found that this was not necessary. I switched to mono skin hilly socks and found I had an excellent combination of comfort while being secure in the shoe.

    I also found many reviews saying the Salomon shoes had a narrow toe box, but interestingly I found them to be bigger than the Speedcross Vario. I also found the shoe very easy to clean with no staining - ideal for a shoe designed to be in muddy conditions.

    The final part of the upper, and arguably the best feature, is the lacing system. The SC4 shoe has a quick lace system that is designed to be pulled tight and secured using the clamp, and the remaining lace is tucked under a hood at the top of the tongue - a great feature to keep it secure when running.

    This system is simply excellent, hold the clamp and pull and then tuck. Perfect for racing. This system definitely helped my T2 on the day, and I noticed no slippage throughout the 15km ordeal.



    This is my first Salomon shoe, so I wasn’t sure what to expect for grip, durability, and comfort. I’m pleased to say that I was pleased with all 3. I have put roughly 40km on these as I had limited time prior to the event, but I expect to put many more miles on these through the winter.

    I have found the grip to be excellent - these have been tested in mud, looser gravel, rocks and steep rock climbs.



    These shoes also descend well with some of the lugs being reversed from descending grip as well as ascending. I would use these shoes for any off-road event.

    The durability so far seems great. I have seen many with missing lugs, but I have not suffered any degradation so far.

    The shoe comes with Salomon Ortholite insoles, and I was very pleased with the comfort on the 15km run. By the end of the race, my feet by some miracle, still in one piece and I was capable of running back to the campsite afterward.

    First few miles

    These were comfy straight from the beginning. It isn’t a particularly lightweight shoe, but it is designed to protect you while running off-road. This, in my opinion, is a necessary evil.

    As mentioned previously, these are easy to clean and look great - there are plenty of cool color variations, so I found myself plenty of choices. I had no regrets at this point of buying the Speedcross 4.

    Most of the running I do is on road, and I mainly like to stick to Nike trainers. These Salomon’s have made me consider switching my allegiance.



    Interestingly, I tried the Nike Wildhorse shoes but could not find a size that would fit without suffering any heel slip. The fit of the Salomon shoe is excellent, and the quick lace system works flawlessly. These are perfect off-road shoes which offer excellent grip, both uphill and downhill and overall toe protection.


    I was looking for a shoe capable of supporting me through a ridiculous triathlon, I found the needle in the haystack. These are perfect for off-road running with excellent grip and comfort.



    I was worried at the beginning that the size of the lugs might affect the level of comfort achieved but found that this was not the case. The lacing system is the best quick lace system I have used (which includes a few brands of triathlon laces), and I couldn’t have hoped for a better fit in this shoe.

    If you are looking for an off-road shoe for general use or an off-road running race or triathlon, then look no further as this will do everything you need it to and more.

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  • 89 / 100 | Nikki Justice

    Conquer the mountains with Salomon Speedcross 4

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    The iconic Salomon Speedcross 4 is built tough with aggressive tooth-like treads to help you tackle any rocky trail or muddy terrain.

    Due to their extraordinary traction, these durable shoes are a mainstay for trail running and remain a favorite amongst obstacle course racers worldwide.

    Ready to rip up the trails on your next run? The Salomon Speedcross 4 certainly have your back.


    The Upper

    Right out of the box, I loved the aesthetics of the Speedcross 4 as I was elated to find that the shoes came in neutral blue hues especially for those who prefer low key color schemes. Furthermore, Salomon offers a variety of colors to choose from to suit your personal style preferences.

    Outfitted with a water-resistant textile and anti-debris mesh, this shoe is built robustly to resist rain and debris from hindering your running endeavors.


    The Outsole

    The outsole is my favorite feature of these shoes as they are stacked with 6mm aggressive arrow-shaped lugs made of Contragrip rubber to help you tackle any rugged terrain.



    I’ve ran in these shoes on trails, tight switchbacks, in the mud, in the snow, in the rain, and all over the place in these kicks and not once did I ever feel myself slipping or sliding, thanks to the exceptional traction.



    I mainly used these shoes for both trail running and obstacle course racing (OCR) which means lots and lots of muddy terrain.

    Moreover, I love the arrow design because they didn’t allow copious amounts of mud to cake on the bottom of the shoes, essentially allowing me to continue to grind without sacrificing grip.



    After about 120 miles in these shoes, the treads were showing some wear, but still, continue to perform great and have life in them.



    Sitting on a 10mm drop, the Speedcross 4 encompass a molded EVA foam cushioning protecting your precious feet from rocky, rough trail surfaces. Without sacrificing comfort, these shoes are still quite responsive while practicing your mountain goat-like trail running skills.


    Sizing & Comfort

    I’d love to say that these shoes are comfortable right out of the box, but they required quite a lengthy break-in period for me. The shoes run true to size, but I had to put in about 30-50 miles in these shoes before I felt like they began to become somewhat comfortable.

    I have neither wide, nor narrow feet, yet I developed hot spots and blisters on my toes. Sadly, it still happens from time to time depending on how long I’m running in these shoes. With that being said, I’d rate the toe box of these shoes to be more on the narrow side.



    On the plus side, if you like a snug fit, the Sensifit design of the shoe hugs your foot, so you never have to worry about your foot sliding around when your running on the side of a mountain. It’s all about preference here on what you desire in a trail running shoe.

    After the “break-in period” the cushioning on these shoes are great for long distances.


    Special Features

    The traction certainly did not disappoint as I’ve used these for both trail running and OCR and I was incredibly impressed!

    No matter if I was running uphill in the mud or bombing down a slippery downhill, I didn’t have to worry if I was going to slip because of these killer treads. As mentioned previously, the ingenious design of the arrow-shaped lugs makes the Salomon Speedcross 4 a force to be reckoned with.



    Equipped with a quicklace pocket, Salomon is notorious for their no-tie lacing system which is a great feature knowing that you’ll never have to worry about an untied shoe during any of your running excursions.


    Biomechanically, these shoes are designed for the classic heel striker. Being a midfoot striker, I did notice during long runs I had a tendency to heel strike in these shoes which I wasn’t too happy about. I was accommodating the shoe more than it was accommodating me.

    In addition, perhaps if the shoe had an option for those with wider feet, it would be desirable for a larger variety of runners as the shoes err of the narrow side.

    For obstacle course racing, in particular, you can always expect wet and muddy conditions. The water-resistant textile of the Salomon Speedcross 4 hinders the water shedding capability that is desirable for those looking to race OCR in these shoes.

    Also, at 260g these shoes are relatively heavy, particularly for racing. Otherwise, the heavier weight could be beneficial if used as a training shoe. Futuristically, Salomon should create a race model of the Speedcross shoes that are lighter in weight and have greater ventilation and water-shedding abilities.


    •          The traction/tread is phenomenal
    •          Treads have good longevity
    •          Great protection from uppers
    •          A durable shoe for tough conditions


    •          Most disappointing was the long break in period
    •          Continually blister after a break-in period
    •          The fit is narrow and caused hot spots
    •          Doesn’t shed water/poor ventilation
    •          On the heavier side for racing
    •          Biomechanically designed for heel-strikers

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  • 90 / 100 | Real Life Reviews | | Level 2 expert

    An iconic trail shoe that just might fit your needs - quite literally.

  • 85 / 100 | Leave the Couch | | Level 2 expert

    Fit's great, look's decent and the grip is amazing.

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  • Salomon hardly ever makes changes in the Speedcross line and this is true in the 4th version of this series. As it is a trail shoe, the most substantial changes are made in the outsole. Unlike the past models where half-sized lugs often found themselves on the shoe's perimeter where they are easily abused and pounded, the underfoot now uses full-sized lugs all over. The bite on uneven terrain is enhanced without too much damage.
  • An updated version of the Contagrip rubber compound finds itself in the outsole as well. The new version of the Contagrip keeps the runner sure-footed on slippery or wet surfaces. This update is one reason the traction is simply unbelievable in this shoe.

The fit of the Speedcross 4 is a trademark of this line. It has a slightly narrow to medium fit all over. The upper hugs the foot well in comfort and security. There is decent padding in the right areas of the shoe for the foot to be very comfortable. It runs true to size.

Same as in the popular Salomon Speedcross 5, the outsole of the Speedcross 4 uses the Contagrip rubber for superior traction, even on wet surfaces. Giving the shoe exceptional bite on rugged terrains are the 6mm arrow-shaped lugs. The lugs face opposite each other for multi-directional grip. Because the shoe does not have a rock guard, the lugs act as a buffer against the often pointed or sharp objects on the trails.

The midsole is a rather thick slice of molded EVA as the main cushioning material and added protection against the rough surfaces or objects on the trail. It covers the entire midsole and helps with the momentum from landing to toe-off. It also has standard durability and responsiveness.

The Salomon Speedcross 4 is also equipped with the notable LT muscle compound. It is a lightweight EVA cushioning material that absorbs impact forces in every step.

A removable Ortholite sockliner is also inserted into the midsole of the shoe. It is meant to provide an odor-free environment and it has an anti-bacterial element to keep the foot healthy and fresh. The sockliner is also designed to give additional underfoot cushioning.

Designed for trail running, the Salomon Speedcross 4 makes use of an anti-debris mesh on its upper. The mesh material is very breathable and lightweight. It offers a good level of protection as it keeps the dirt and trail debris out of the shoe.

Along with the anti-debris mesh is the water-resistant textile. It Keeps the foot dry while running on puddles or wet running surfaces. The textile is durable and it does not compromise breathability and comfort.

A mudguard is specifically placed all around the base of the shoe for added protection against mud and dirt. The mudguard, a protective element, remains light yet durable.

Salomon’s unique SensiFit system is at work in the upper of the Salomon Speedcross 4. The SensiFit overlays wrap the foot comfortably. The overlays give runners a close, secure foot lockdown without giving a constricting fit.

The stitched midfoot overlays are directly connected to the QuickLace System, which is made from sturdy Kevlar fibers. They function together to hold the foot securely and with excellent comfort. Getting the right fit is made easier with a quick tug of the lacing system. It stays true from the first stride to the finish. There are also lace pockets to keep the laces out of the way.

The Speedcross is one of the iconic trail running shoe model from Salomon. The Speedcross series is known in the running community for its protective design and grippy outsole. Below are some characteristics that make the Speedcross series really popular.

They are comfortable.

All the Salomon Speedcross shoes are tough-looking, but on the inside is a soft cushioning and irritation-free fabric lining. The latest version, the Salomon Speedcross 4 offers a smooth in-shoe feel and comfortable underfoot foam. The Sensifit Technology also offers a comfortable yet secure lockdown.

They are versatile.

The running shoes in the Speedcross series are versatile enough to perform well on hiking, walking and racing activities. They have deep lugs evenly placed in the outer sole for uphill and downhill grip. The Salomon Speedcross 4 also has water-repellent textile coverage for extra wet weather protection, making it ideal for both warm and rainy running conditions.

They are grippy.

One notable characteristic of the Salomon Speedcross series is the grippy outsole. It is made possible by the Contagrip rubber material with aggressive lugs that offer superb traction on muddy, wet and even snowy surfaces. This material is also durable and protective enough against sharp rocks and other trail elements.

They are protective.

All the Salomon Speedcross versions are equipped with protective elements, from the upper to the outsole. To prevent water from entering the shoe, the upper is covered with water-repellent fabric, and the mudguard serves as the shield of the foot from dirt and debris.

For durable underfoot protection, a rock plate is inserted in between the midsole and outsole. It is durable enough to protect the foot against sharp objects. This extra foot shied is light, flexible and sturdy.

They are good looking.

The Speedcross models, especially the Salomon Speedcross 4, have a good looking design. Some runners are wearing them on casual days or even at work. They have a street-ready design which makes the shoes easily worn with shirts, shorts, and pants.

They are reasonably priced.

Compared to the other trail running shoes that offer the same level of protection, grip, and durability, the Salomon Speedcross 4 has a more affordable price. It is one of the reasons why the shoe become popular to most trail runners.

The Salomon Speedcross 4 is a trusted trail running shoe. Some of the models that are comparable to the Speedcross 4 are the following:

La Sportiva Mutant

The Mutant is a durable and reliable trail shoe from La Sportiva. Meant for daily running, the shoe has an average weight - not too heavy and not too light. Just like the Salomon Speedcross 4, the shoe features a sticky outsole, responsive cushioning, and supportive upper.

For the outsole, the shoe features the FriXion XF technology for traction and sole durability. La Sportiva also makes use of the V-Groove technology with Impact Brake System for breaking power and flexibility.

The tongue and the lacing system of this trail running shoe are unique. It uses a Spyraltongue for a personalized fit and added protection. The Fusiongate Lacing Harness system offers efficient lacing system for a secure running experience.

Brooks Cascadia 13

Brooks is known for its reliable trail and road running shoes. The Cascadia 13 features a breathable upper, responsive cushioning, and reliable traction. Built with durability in mind, the shoe offers unmatched durability.

Just like the Speedcross 4, the Brooks Cascadia 13 aims to provide impressive performance on varied trail surfaces. Some of the technologies used include the BioMoGo DNA, HPR Green compound, Ballistic Rock Shield, and 3D Rubber Print Mud Guard. These elements offer a good blend of cushioning, durability and protection. Lastly, the Cascadia 13 is also available in a waterproof version.

Salomon Ultra Pro

Another trail shoe from Salomon is the Ultra Pro. The shoe is a bit expensive but it offers an excellent and durable performance.

To provide runners with durable traction they experienced with the Speedcross 4, the shoe makes use of the Premium Wet Traction Contagrip with 5mm lugs. This outsole design gives an unmatched grip on both muddy and rocky surfaces. Along with the Contagrip outsole is the Dual Density EVA midsole, 3D Stretch Mesh upper, seamless SENSIFIT element, and QuickLace system.

The Salomon Ultra Pro is lighter than the Speedcross 4 but both shoes are designed to tackle the toughest terrain.

  • The first Salomon Speedcross was released in 2016. The purpose of the shoe is to provide runners with a reliable trail shoe that can survive wet and muddy terrain.
  • Salomon Speedcross trail runner endorsers include Kilian Jornet, Philipp Reiter and Anna Frost.
  • The Speedcross 4 is also available in a waterproof version.